Tesla Tech Extraordinary Technology Conference

August 7th-11th 2024 Crowne Plaza Hotel Albuqurque, NM

The Premier Conference in Tesla Tech and Breakthrough Alternative Technologies


About Tesla Tech

The Tesla Tech Extraordinary Technology conference is the longest running premier conference on Tesla related and other breakthrough technologies in alternative energy and medicine. For over 30 years, the Tesla Tech conference has brought together the top researchers, scientists, and inventors on the cutting edge of the alternative sciences, long suppressed from the public.

Currently  under the leadership of Steve Elswick. The Tesla Tech Conference has adopted the role of being one of the few available public facing outlets and communities focused exclusively on cutting edge alternative science. Here at Tesla Tech, we strongly believe we stand at a major precipice in history where the combination of global events, energy and resource shortages, and potential for global and environmental collapse has made it imperative for the global population to begin embracing more sustainable technologies.

For many decades, powerful interests have prevented groundbreaking disruptive technologies from reaching the public. Tesla Tech is dedicated to ensuring that this critical intel is delivered to the public for years to come.

Cutting Edge Science Suppressed from the Public

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August 7th-11th, 2024

Crowne Plaza Hotel Albuqurque New Mexico

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