ExtraOrdinary Technology V6N2April/May/June 2008


BIOSPHERE 2: A Glass House in Arizona’s Outback!
CROP CIRCLES: Still a Mystery in the 21st Century!
BROWN’S GAS: Questions? Here’s Some Answers!



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The 2009 Extraordinary Technology Conference Call for Papers… Once more, the conference will be held in Albuquerque, NM! Start making your plans to attend today.

A Peek at the Flip Side… Side Effects of High Oil Prices

Soaring gasoline prices are providing an impetus for change in the way we travel and ship goods. By modernizing our transportation infrastructure we can dramatically reduce fuel costs and increase safety.

The Pickens Plan

Billionaire T Boone Pickens has developed a plan to decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil. A combination of wind energy and natural gas will also reduce pollution as well!

Browns Gas: What exactly is it?

Some claim it is a electrified gaseous state of water… others claim that it is merely hydrogen. Here is a fresh look at a controversial form of of electrolized water.

2008 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Speaker List

Contact information for speakers at this years’s conference is listed.

A Glass House for Mars… Hidden In Arizona’s Outback!

Biosphere 2 is a magnificent laboratory for the study of global ecology. The miniature airtight world is sealed on the bottom by a stainless steel liner and on the top by a steel and glass space frame structure. It contains a coral reef, a mangrove marsh, a rainforest, a savannah grassland, a fog desert, an intensive agriculture system and human habitat.

Electromagnetic and Crystalline Properties of Crop Formations

Crop formations are associated with anomalous electrostatic and magnetic phenomena. Many formations have crystalline properties. The crystalline shape of crop formations, similarity between the lay of plant stalks and liquid crystals, and the piezo-electric effect are examined.

Tapping the Transdimensional Wheelwork of Nature…Tesla Crop Glyph

Many crop formations have obvious and hidden connections with the interaction of matter and Spirit. One particularly compelling crop glyph has been popularly regarded as an esoteric, tweaked version of Tesla’s Radiant Energy Receiver!

Biological Effects of Magnetite, Magnetic Water and Magnetic Monopoles

Biomagnetism is a potent force that can cause a number of beneficial effects ranging from hair growth to lush, vibrant plant growth. Plans to make your own magnetic water included.

Common Sense… Its Development and Disorders – Bonus! Full Article

Common sense transcends animal species. Here we examine how common sense is developed and the effects of its disintegration!
Ed Note: This is the complete version of the condensed article in the magazine.