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WIRELESS POWER: Tesla’s Greatest Dream!
100 MPG: Super Carburetors Are Possible!
ATOMIC IODINE: A Cayce Healing Modality!



From the Publisher’s Desk

Recent administrative changes at Exotic Research and a reader responds to the Biomagnetics article!

Trust Me… The Independent Inventor’s Dilemna!

Many an invention has fallen by the wayside… or stolen by unscrupulous investors or corporations… patents are expensive and can be in court for decades!

The Ultimate Engine Treatment.. Designed for War on Pollution

For the German war machine in WWII, a new super lubricant was developed… and kept classified for 40 years!

Thermal Catalytic Cracking… Vital Key to 100 mpg – Bonus! Full Article

What happened to those 100+mpg carburetors that appear and disappear… this is information the oil companies do not want out!

Backyard Plasma Technology.. KW Generators Converted to GEET..

One the most developed GEET devices is the small engine GEET. It is easy to build… and practical for generators.. and available TODAY!

Conference On Future Energy (COFE)

In April, a free energy conference was held in Washington DC… here are the highlights!

1999 Phoenix Exotic Research Conference Speaker List

Here’s the list of speakers from the 1999 conference… and their addresses!

Magnetic Vortex Machine… and Updates from the “Web”!

There is an ongoing effort through the internet to recreate David Hamel’s generator and flying disk! Here’s a few tips to help you build yours!

The Skeptics Corner. How to convince me to invest in Joe Newman

Many of you have heard of Joe Newman and his Energy Machine… once featured on Johnny Carson. Here’s Eric’s viewpoint on the matter!

Crop Circles… Parts of the Enigma Solved?

Finally, there ARE ways to scientifically differentiate between man- made and real crop circles.

Backyard Sky… UFO Photography

Due to the advances in imaging technology, the only way to know if a photo is real, is to take it yourself!

Terrestrial Night Light

Nikola Tesla had a dream of lighting the sky at night… it was to be one of the prime functions of Wardenclyffe. This is a synopsis of his Herculean efforts towards this end!

Spiritual Healing…. with Natural Science

Biomagnetics accounts for the “laying on of hands” phenomena that defies conventional science!

Atomic Iodine

Edgar Cayce layed out four modalities to healing. Here’s a close look at the use of “atomic” iodine!

MSM Miracle

Many modern ailments we suffer from today stem from a lack of this vital nutrient… naturally found in fresh, uncooked food!