Exploring Components of Over Unity Systems

Further Advances in Vacuum-based Plasma, Hydrogen and Existing Power Structures


Hydrogen on Demand is one of the most viable and readily applicable innovative power technologies today. The synergistic application of mono-atomic Hydrogen and Oxygen, along with recently discovered supercharged water clusters, dynamically improve fuel use as well as completely eliminate toxic emissions. Vacuum-based Plasma technology also has shown itself to be an awe-inspiring system of energy dramatically improving existing power generation.

Integrating these two technologies has been a rocky road but an amazing journey.
Integration of HHO and plasma fuels, creates a beautiful and powerful machine that can be reproduced easily and quickly for any stand-alone power application. In this workshop we will cover:

• Elements of Existing Over Unity Devices

Most OU and proverbial Free-Energy devices have consistent elements that allow them to function perpendicular to the laws of Thermodynamics.

• Multi-Stream Plasma Tuning

Multiple fuels, in separate plasma tubes, can be used in the same system to create clean burning and high energy density combinations, essentially fine tuning the power generator to optimal efficiency.

• Simple Hydrogen Generation Systems


• Advanced, Vacuum Hydrogen Separation

New advances in vacuum based hydrogen/oxygen separation can tip the scales in electrolyzer efficiency.

• Electromagnetic and Magnetic Structuring of Plasma

Crystalline geometrical structures are key in understanding over-unity power generation. Structuring Plasma into a coherent wave can mean the difference between making beautiful lights and harnessing the wheelworks of Nature.

Vernon Roth will be giving an optional workshop at the up coming 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference. This is a practical workshop for the active extraordinary energy researcher. Workshop attendees will receive plans for easy-to-construct hydrogen cells.

Vernon RothMeet the Speaker…

Vernon Roth

Vernon Roth has extensively studied ancient technologies in combination with the most advanced Schauberger and Telsa principles in order to discover new ways to work with, instead of against, the subtle, but powerful forces of nature. Currently his emphasis is developing practical hydrogen based systems. He has literally attended every ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference and has done a presentation at most of them.